Se si vuole trovare i segreti dell’universo, bisogna pensare in termini di energia, frequenza e vibrazioni.

Nikola Tesla

Vivi come se dovessi morire domani.
Impara come se dovessi vivere per sempre.


Viviamo come onde di energia
nel vasto oceano dell’energia.

Deepak Chopra

Tutto è energia e questo è tutto quello che esiste.

Albert Einstein

Quando non c’è energia non c’è colore, non c’è forma, non c’è vita.


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Meditations, Canalizations and Inner Growth

 The time of notionism is over. We need to start experiencing and emanating in order to grow.

After giving it a lot of thought, I developed a modality for guiding meditations that will take you deep into your Soul and in that way you can access to your own truth. Of course, this takes time, takes patience and dedication.

To know better if you resonate with it or not, you can start with one meditation session, and one personal appointment with Santina, and then you can decide for yourself if you would like to continue, and how.


For those who love to work
together every day intensely and deeply.

With the monthly membership, you will be able to access not only to the live – meditations but also to a weekly session of individual canalizations on the messages the Universe has for you. We will keep a record of all our lessons, so you can acknowledge your process.

We will be gathering through Zoom.

Soul Membership includes

 Mondays Live – Soul Meditations: 1 meditation that develops a new growth topic every week. 

This is recorded and remains available for daily practice to deepen their discoveries 

– Mondays Live – Soul Meditations Timetable: English 8 am, Italian 2 pm, Spanish 3 pm

– Wednesdays Live – Soul Class: 1 weekly lesson to deepen the topics of the week, giving space to sharing and questions, with a final funnel to stimulate personal learning and work.

– Wednesdays Live – Soul Class Timetable: English 8am-10am,Spanish 3pm – 5pm , Italian 6pm to 8pm.  

– Soul Canalizations: Each week the members will receive their individual channelling with instructions and inputs to complete their own Paths and Benefits

Benefits & Costs  

– Extra material and free access to all the meetings, publications and courses offered by the members as well as the opportunity to present their projects that will be supported for the Soul Community.

– The cost of this Membership is € 30 per month

– It provides a discount on all activities offered

– The annual membership provides a 10% discount



For those who prefer a more guided
and a personalized accompaniment. 

When you are diving into your inner discovery, some times we find ourselves with hard times to afford. In these occasions, to have personal support can be a great help and a gorgeous jump for your Personal Growth. During the initial 3 months of membership, you will receive tools, exercises and practices to increase your energy and quality life through the steps you need for your self-awareness.

This  Membership includes

– 1 initial reading “Soul Reading”. By reading the Aura, a three-level Energy Structure map is created. The first more superficial level related to the present, a second level related to the processes are going through and manifesting, and a third level which includes the essence of the Soul.

– 1 treatment per month of “Soul Healing” in which the difficulties, the blocks are observed, the beliefs and dynamics that influence our life in a repetitive way to free us through self-knowledge. During which the developments of the situations and the person will be analyzed, with the delivery of further exercises for self-knowledge.

– 1 individual channelling for the week. “Soul Canalizations” – 

Benefits & Costs

– The individual meetings has to be set in advance.

– The cost of this membership is € 100 per month 

(the request for the first therapeutic membership cycle is at least 3 months, in order to allow the path of care and growth to be established.)

– Provides a discount on all the proposed activities

– The annual registration includes a 10% discount


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