Se si vuole trovare i segreti dell’universo, bisogna pensare in termini di energia, frequenza e vibrazioni.

Nikola Tesla

Vivi come se dovessi morire domani.
Impara come se dovessi vivere per sempre.


Viviamo come onde di energia
nel vasto oceano dell’energia.

Deepak Chopra

Tutto è energia e questo è tutto quello che esiste.

Albert Einstein

Quando non c’è energia non c’è colore, non c’è forma, non c’è vita.


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Positive Thought

Do you think positive or project your beliefs?

We have heard a lot about positive thinking, about the law of attraction and how to manifest our reality only with the force of thought.
This wonderful and possible truth would be available to all if we had the necessary qualities to maintain a clean, regulated, conscious and organized mind.
The reality of us “humans” is that being victims of a reactive and automatic mind, based on our beliefs, social rules and preconceptions, all forms of positive thinking that could be generated will be born from these bases.
The direct consequence will be that the reality we manifest does not closely resemble our “ideal” but rather a confirmation of our belief system.
This is a simple example:
If for a religious question I have inherited the belief that having little money makes me a “good person”, of course, my positive thinking of abundance (economic) will be limited by this ancestral belief.
The reality in front of me can manifest the economic abundance as in my dreams, still, this will be linked to the deep belief of having to be (above all things) a “good person”.
Translating it to a moment of tangible reality: I could receive a raise and at the same time get a fine. This would confer me with my ability to manifest and receive although at the same time it will give me the possibility of demonstrating how good a person I can be (responsible or correct), paying off my debt to society.
Thus, my “Positive Thought” and my “Law of Attraction” will be faithful to my belief system as long as the person continues to believe that he is a victim of life rather than the captain of his existence.

In short, the truth of the principle of “Positive Thinking” is that it is linked to our network of beliefs, and consequently, in order to access this immense force that is the manifestation of reality, we will have to work hard in the education of our mind, dismantling ancestral beliefs and abandoning harmful dynamics.

That said, re-education is possible and consequently also the manifestation of the reality we want.

A final point is necessary to clarify:
Not always what we want rationally is the best thing that could happen to us.

“Every form of flowing is healthier than resist”  “What happens is the best.”

Life is simply and taught by repetition until we learn, when we are in search of personal growth, each small conquest will be a new step towards full flow and will always move away more than wanting to decide.

What is your thought and behaviour?

Good research and gorgeous discoveries

Santina Storni