Se si vuole trovare i segreti dell’universo, bisogna pensare in termini di energia, frequenza e vibrazioni.

Nikola Tesla

Vivi come se dovessi morire domani.
Impara come se dovessi vivere per sempre.


Viviamo come onde di energia
nel vasto oceano dell’energia.

Deepak Chopra

Tutto è energia e questo è tutto quello che esiste.

Albert Einstein

Quando non c’è energia non c’è colore, non c’è forma, non c’è vita.


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Perception of Time

Our first birthday party is the celebration of the 365 days that have passed since our birth, and for a couple more years we will celebrate the years we are concluding.
Ex: Maria is 6 months, 1-year-old, 2 and a half years old, in March she turns 3, etc.
At a certain point and in tacit social agreement, the situation will change. We will celebrate the beginning of the 10’s years, forgetting that we are concluding them.
Thus silently, unconsciously, our perception of time will change completely, without anyone teaching us or making us notice it.
What does it mean?
It involves a radical change of the act of presence, of the awareness of the time that passes through our day by day and precludes us from living the present with the purity of a child.
On the other hand, losing the perception of the year that begins instead of being concluded, the concept of the present is lost.

It is understood?

Well, exactly this is what is happening this December 2019, with the conclusion of the decade 2009-2019.
Many people think that the decade will end in the next December 2020, but it is a misperception …
This December 21 will be the day when the earth is as close as possible to the sun will conclude its ten-year journey.
(I’ll tell you more tomorrow)

Therefore, the first step towards the preparation of the opening of the Portal is to get to work with the perception and belief of the time.

What do I mean and how is it done?
The phrase “only the present” sounds very good, but it is not simple to sustain, therefore this is my proposal with a couple of exercises.

1. Analyze of the year that is fulfilled TODAY.
What happened, on this same date a year ago, two years ago or three?
When you finish investigating your past, do the same with tomorrow’s day. What anniversary is tomorrow?
but above all this:
1.1 What are you going to do tomorrow that you can celebrate in a year?

2. Do you remember when you stopped celebrating your birthday as a concluded year, and you begin to celebrate it as a new year to come?
but above all this:
2.2 What sensation causes you to know that you are already living, the years you will celebrate at your next birthday party?

Good discovery
Santina Storni
for the “Portal Ceremony”