Se si vuole trovare i segreti dell’universo, bisogna pensare in termini di energia, frequenza e vibrazioni.

Nikola Tesla

Vivi come se dovessi morire domani.
Impara come se dovessi vivere per sempre.


Viviamo come onde di energia
nel vasto oceano dell’energia.

Deepak Chopra

Tutto è energia e questo è tutto quello che esiste.

Albert Einstein

Quando non c’è energia non c’è colore, non c’è forma, non c’è vita.


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Comfort Zone


Been born in our family’s belief system, our point of observation will begin there, seeking to confirm the inherited Dynamics.

Since we are children we follow the same Pattern:
We experience a new situation, we conclude it and we learn the result of an action: the reaction.
Then, when we repeat the same experience, we already expect the same result for it, so we will be conditioned and we will decide either to confirm or change our opinion about it, creating a new belief. When a “belief” becomes stable, we just need to repeat the “action-reaction” dynamic to enter in a LOOP.
During adolescence, the doubt and conflict of the family belief structure will be the beginning of the research for our truth, generating our new personal spaces, adding experiences, successful strategies and at the end, new beliefs.

Loops are the automatisms of the reactive mind, to simplify the situations we face, it is the unconscious consequence of an “action-reaction” that with use and multiplication becomes what we will know as the “Comfort Zone” of our belief system. Not all loops are negative, there are also those of affirmation of the self that gives to the mind the satisfaction of success.

How do we design our Comfort Zone?
Being a strategic construction of the mind, it is common to generate our Comfort Zone based on parameters caused by strong experiences, which allow us to reach their true learning.
Our superficial strategy will look like to avoid a new wound, while our profound strategy will be the resonance of the same dynamic to attract it, repeat it and thus be able to learn and heal the Original Wound.

The Comfort Zone itself is not negative, simplifies life, responses, decisions, behaviors, and guarantees the success of the mind that is ready to be right, in short, it is a great ally of the ego.

Everything is fine if we are still free to choose our real truth and we can decide each time whether to enter into “automatisms” or not.

But what happens when a belief is so ingrained that we cannot get out of it?
We can see it in 4 simple symptoms.

The First Symptom is the disconnection with yourself (soul) believing that life is against us.
The Second Symptom is not being able to respond to life with a free and voluntary re-action but within an automatism.
The Third Symptom is, continue to attract the same dynamics, as well as our responses and reactions, are identical, repeating dynamics, results, and beliefs.
The Fourth Symptom is the denial of all this.

The real question is:
Are we aware of being victims of the dynamics of the Comfort Zone?
Can we choose to leave the loops?
Can we conclude (voluntarily) the learning they are trying to leave us?

The answer is yes. Without consciousness we are victims.
It will depend on us to fall into healthy/unhealthy bonds and even do it seems impossible to us it is fully in our abilities to cut and jump out of them.
Exceptionally this December we will have the enormous Astrological and Energetic opportunity to receive a push when our enslaving Dynamics will be aligned to the Reset point giving us the possibility of increasing our consciousness and concluding the teachings coming out of the loop.

And how is it done?
It is not easy because the temptation to remain in our Confort Zone is enormous.
For this reason, the first thing we need to do is enter into a state of awareness and knowledge of our automatic mechanisms, inherited and acquired.

Exercise 1: Make a list of three columns indicating your dynamics, dividing them into inherited, acquired or unconscious.
The second step will be to discover the learning they contain.

Exercise 2: Find out what the common denominator is in each repetitive dynamic.
The third is to mature the point where we can abandon it and jump.

Exercise 3: During the Portal Ceremony, joining our forces, and personal work, we will have the strength to cross the Portal of the old (and automatic) patterns and resonate at a higher frequency of collective consciousness, being able to decide whether to free ourselves or continue repeating our loops remaining in our Comfort Zone.

Good research and gorgeous discoveries

Santina Storni